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New stuff

My last post, a work related rant, was so cathartic that I thought I'd give another one a go. This time on that beloved invention - email.

Now please don't get me wrong. Used in the correct way, email is an incredibly effective and efficient tool. I have little patience for those people that say "I worked at home yesterday - it was great. I couldn't access my email so I got loads of work done!" To these people, I normally point out that replying to questions and responding to requests is actually a substantial part of their job.

'Harness your inner negativity' was the title of a book my former housemate wanted to write as an antidote to all of those self help books that think any problem can be overcome with a positive mental attitude to the point that emotions such as grief, anger and frustration are see as inherently bad rather than natural and healthy responses to a bad situation.

I've had several good experiences today but, in the spirit of harnessing my inner negativity, I'm going to share some of today's frustrations because they're just as valid.

You should use the shortener - it has a kittens feature!

My collaborator, Charlie, wrote a link shortener at

It has many cool features, not least:


  • Jar of cook in pasta sauce. I normally go for one with extras - garlic and herbs, basil, or similar.
  • Variety of seasonal vegetables - anything that holds its shape after cooking. My favourites include carrots, courgettes, leeks, butternut squash, parsnips, olives, sweet peppers and peas.
  • Pasta. Make sure it's vegan - most dried are, fresh almost certainly won't be.
Cooking tasty and well balanced vegan food can be very easy. Yet, if you're not used to vegan cooking, it can be somewhat daunting to prepare food that you've never make before. So I thought I'd put together some easy meals that I reckon only need basic cooking skills.

About the recipes on this blog

The recipes here are aimed at people with basic cooking skills - a bit above chucking a ready meal in the microwave, but way below being able to cook gourmet food from scratch. I will be using a fair amount of processed food. I've done this to keep the recipes simple - there are loads of recipes on the interwebs that will explain how to cook lovely vegan food from scratch.

I recently recieved an email asking me to review a toaster.

The email wasn't as random as all that seeing as I had just bought a toaster. I would normally ignore such an email, but apparently I would also be entered into a prize draw to win £500 for my review. And I am a sucker for free prize draws. So I thought I's write a review.

This isn't in as much bad taste as it may sound at first.

Kittens (like cats, to which they are closely related) can fall from great heights and safely land on their feet (due to their tails and the laws of conservation of angular momentum) and terminal velocity (their weight and the forces of gravity versus air resistance). Perhaps like you, I also doubted the science. But, as my recent trip to the Empire State Building proved, it actually works.