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New stuff

Depression, anxiety and self harm. This post is all the fun. Though I'm still determined to find the light at the end of the tunnel!

As many people, I sometimes struggle with mental health. I've a long history of anxiety and depression. I'm fortunate enough to be (just about) able to pay for a therapist, and I've been seeing one for years now. It's helped me massively.

Oxford tweet up
Saturday 27 August - be there or do something else


You are cordially invited to the City of Dreaming Spires to partake of the Finest Wines Known to Humanity and meet some of the Finest Twitter Specimens in the Known Universe.

So, my dear reader, I've had a few highs and lows over the last month. They've made me reflect a bit

I'm a single chap living in Oxford. I don't have an intimate partner, and am not especially close to most of my family. So I really do value and need my friends. I hope they value and need me too.

I also spend about equal times on Twitter as in real life (IRL).

Love Honey
My regular reader will know I'm both a man of the world, though actually quite bashful. So imagine how I got on when I was asked to explain what Love Honey was to a young person. Here's how I did it ...

See, when a lady* is stepping out with a gentleman** they sometimes have to spend time apart. At these times, they often miss each other. Deeply.

My regular reader will know that most of my posts are somewhat jokey in nature. I thought I'd have a go at something a bit more personal - my dances with depression and anxiety.

I'd known I wasn't generally happy in life for a long time. I could see everybody else having fun and getting on with their lives. I knew that wasn't me - I didn't deserve it. I didn't have a problem, I just wasn't worthy of the happiness and contentment that everybody was having.

With apologies to all present ... I've often wondered whether the tweeps I interact with are real people or some cunning Turing Test type bots. There was only one way to find out. So, dear reader, I went to my first ever tweet up. This is my story of it, other people's may differ!

Dramatis personæ

Pie & mash
As a middle aged man, I find the worls is different from when I were a lad. Sometimes for the worse - I still miss the Corona Man. Sometimes for the better - I can now publish this blog and billions of people can read it. Obviously I'll be lucky if only one does, and that includes me.

However, I accept that changes happens. And that change should be embraced whenever possible. But, in Ukip style (yikes!), there is one change with which I will not put up. Gastro pubs can fuck right off. Before I start on gastro pubs, let me tell you what a proper pub menu should be like.