You've somehow found my home page. I'm guessing you're either extremely bored, browse the interwebs too much, or have come here by mistake. Nevertheless, welcome to my site - enjoy your browse. And if you enjoy it, you might also like my ramblings on Twitter @oxguin.

New stuff

I've been on this Twitter thing for a time now. But only really active over the last year or so. My biggest problem with Twitter is that it doesn't come with a manual. So I've had to watch and learn what the rules are. Here's what I've learnt - my Twitter manual if you like ...

Spelling & grammar

Do make sure to point out any errors in in people's Tweets. Everybody should be as perfect as you, and make sure that every Tweet is proof red. Other Tweeters will certainly thank you for pointing out there short-comings.

I've recently been sorting out some of the sites and pages I've made over the years. Some of them are not too embarrising, so I thought I'd share.

The first site I ever made was Where's Meredy's Mug. Which, as you might imagine, has a bit of a story to it.

My last post, a work related rant, was so cathartic that I thought I'd give another one a go. This time on that beloved invention - email.

Now please don't get me wrong. Used in the correct way, email is an incredibly effective and efficient tool. I have little patience for those people that say "I worked at home yesterday - it was great.

'Harness your inner negativity' was the title of a book my former housemate wanted to write as an antidote to all of those self help books that think any problem can be overcome with a positive mental attitude to the point that emotions such as grief, anger and frustration are see as inherently bad rather than natural and healthy responses to a bad situation.

I've had several good experiences today but, in the spirit of harnessing my inner negativity, I'm going to share some of today's frustrations because they're just as valid.

You should use the shortener - it has a kittens feature!

My collaborator, Charlie, wrote a link shortener at

It has many cool features, not least:


  • Jar of cook in pasta sauce. I normally go for one with extras - garlic and herbs, basil, or similar.
Cooking tasty and well balanced vegan food can be very easy. Yet, if you're not used to vegan cooking, it can be somewhat daunting to prepare food that you've never make before. So I thought I'd put together some easy meals that I reckon only need basic cooking skills.

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