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New stuff

Pasta dish

A hearty dish with the benefit of using only one pot - minimal washing up!


A tale (tail?) about my cat, Bilbo. The hardest cat in the universe.

Tap, tap, tap, CLUNK. Tap, tap, tap, CLUNK. Tap, tap, tap, CLUNK.

Lentil soup

A vegan classic - make sure to spice it liberally. As a bonus, any left overs can be used to make burgers!

Veggie kebab

A great addition to a BBQ, or just grilled as a snack.

Roast dinner

Not a recipe as such, just some tips on how to accommodate a vegan for a roast dinner.

Burmese baked beans

First off, the Burmese link is a bit tenuous - or at least personal to me. I created this recipe when I was sent to work in Burma following the devastation of Cyclone Nargis. I was working at least 14 hours a day seven days a week, so when I cooked I wanted something quick, nutritious, and in which I didn't have to read food labels. Burmese baked beans was the result!

Leek & potato soup

A classic soup, and one of my faves. There are many recipes around for it. This is my fail proof vegan version. Unlike most of my recipes, I've included quantities on this - it's easy to scale up or down.

Rice salad

A great salad for a buffet. A top tip with this recipe is to it the night before to give all of the ingredients a time to absorb flavours.


This post isn't really a recipe, more a series of tips and tricks on how to make vegans welcome at a BBQ.

Stir fry

A classic dish - remember to add some of the protein hits!

Vegan badge

A very quick introduction to cooking for vegans.

My mum with me and my brother

I've been overwhelmed with the responsive to my last post - that you all x. A common response has been "no words". And there aren't any. To know that you have read it and have compassion for me is very comforting, and more that I expected.

View from Torridon - a place we both loved

"FUCK" John shouted.

It was enough to rouse me from my sleep on the back seat.

Interview room

Being the second part of my largely true tale of bein banged up by the local constabulary. includes house raids, pigs and bolt croppers!

Now, where was I. Oh yes. In the pub having beer and ciggies bought for me by my lovely friends have spent a day in clink. You can read about that in Banged up - part 1.