Roast dinner tips

Not a recipe as such, just some tips on how to accommodate a vegan for a roast dinner.

Roast dinner

A vegan roast dinner is largely the same as other roast meals, except ...

What about the meat?

Well, yes. You will have to find a substitute for that. My favourite options are:

Nut roast

Perhaps clichéd, but still tasty nonetheless. My fave ones are the ones that are bought dried (such as the ones made by Artisan Grains - available in many health food shops). A good thing with these mixes is that you can add spices into the mix before cooking - try 1/2 a teaspoon of paprika! Nut roasts also work well cold in sandwiches, with pickles, etc.


There are a couple of really nice frozen vegan pies around. Do be careful though, there are quite a lot that are veggie but not vegan. Vegan ones will normally say so on the packaging. My all time fave is the Linda McCartney Country Pie - available in many supermarkets.

Burgers and sausages

My least favourite of these options, though not a bad choice. Go for the ones that have a high soya protein content.

Cooking tips

You can cook potatoes and other veggies in the way you normally would as long as ...

  • Don't use animal fat for the potatoes (or cook the vegan ones separately).
  • If you are also cooking meat, put it in the bottom of the oven and the veggies above it. This will stop splashes on animal fat going into the veggies.

It's not a roast unless there's gravy

Vegetable gravy granules are widely available - I've yet to come across one that isn't vegan!

General vegan cooking tips

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