I first started making websites in about 2005 when I decided I wanted to work out how the world wide web worked. I got myself a door stopper of a book called Using HTML 4.0 and got many top tips from my good friend, Charlie Harvey. I started writing HTML, then styled it with CSS. This got fairly dull after a while, so I moved on to teaching myself PHP with little bits of JavaScript. The progression to use MySQL in order to develop database driven sites was the obvious next step.

More recently, I joined the collective to launch a web hosting service, primarily for radical and grassroots groups in Oxford. We decided to use the Drupal content management system so that people didn't have to know how to hand code webpages to get a site up and running. Since then pretty much all of my web development work has been using the Drupal CMS system - some love it, others hate it. I do both.

And no, I still don't know how the world wide web works.

Looking for a website?

If you're looking for a website developer I might be able to help - especially if you're based in Oxford and at least a bit anarcho / lefty. If this is you, get in touch and I can either help you, or point you in the direction of others that can help.

My recent websites

Oxford Permaculture Group

Website for the Oxford Permaculture Group. As well as the site that you can see, there is also a whole members only section.
Year: 2012
Made with: Drupal 7

NOW Peace Group

Website for the Network of Oxford Women for Justice & Peace.
Year: 2012
Made with: Drupal 7

Oxford Rape Crisis Centre

Website for the Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre. I didn't make the site, but I maintain and extend it.
Year: 2012
Made with: Drupal 7


Website for a local asylum housing support group. I think Namaste has since closed down.
Year: 2011
Made with: Drupal 7

Oxford Feminist Network

An upgrade of OFN's previous site, with several new features added.
Year: 2011
Made with: Drupal 7

Oxford News

A very simple news aggregator that collects news from various local blogs and puts them all in one place.
Year: 2011
Made with: Drupal 7

The default Drupal page.
Made: 2009
Made with: Drupal 6

When a friend and I set up a web hosting service we thought we should have a public face. A very basic site, with an old school anarcho punk feel. Since the picture above was take, my buddy has massively improved the style of the site.
Year: 2009
Made with: HTML, CSS

Building on the existing calendar, I added several new fields (such as images) and new views (e.g. a table view). Also added an iCal feed.
Year: 2010
Made using: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Oxford Action Resource Centre

I didn't make the original OARC site, but did quite a revamp - mostly restyling it and writing new copy.
Year: 2009
Made using: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Thames Valley Climate Action

Site for the local climate action group that I was involved in. I took the existing site and added new functions (e.g. events calendar) and more eye candy (e.g. images gallery). Sadly TVCA now seems defunct.
Year: 2008 (ish)

Made using: Handcoded PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL.

My first ever site, and still my favourite. The site tracks the global search for the mug belonging to Meredy, my former work college. I recently saw a comment on the interwebs asking if the history section was accurate!
Year: 2006
Made with: PHP, HTML, CSS