Vegan BBQ tips

This post isn't really a recipe, more a series of tips and tricks on how to make vegans welcome at a BBQ.



Keep equipment separate to prevent animal products being transplanted onto vegan ones. My top tips are:

  • Use a separate BBQ for vegan food - if you're cooking vegan and non-vegan food on the same grill it will be impossible to stop spits of fat and the like transferring from the meat to the vegan stuff. These days single use BBQs are very common and do the job brilliantly.
  • Use separate utensils - tongs, spatulas and the like - for the same reason above.


Vegan sausages and burgers are available in most supermarkets these days. Watch out for Quorn products - most people assume it vegan, but much of their range isn't. The stuff that is will say so on the packet.

When picking vegan sausages and burgers, go for the ones that are made from soya (the Linda McCartney range are, and also widely available). Avoid the ones made from lots of veggies - they just crumble into the BBQ!


Most condiments such as tomato ketchup, brown sauce and mustard are vegan (though it's worth double checking). Vegan mayonnaise does exist - most health food shops sell it.

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