About me me me

Who I am

Just someone hanging out on the interwebs. I've probably got quite a lot in common with you. We share 99% our DNA, albeit in different bodies - I'd like to think we would both know if we were sharing that intimately. Mind you, we also share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees (for me, in different bodies - I don't know about you).

I live and work in Oxford (the UK one).

Things I do

I read a lot. I love books that make you think a bit and laugh a bit (I have quite a dark & twisted humour - see crime below). My recommendations include ...

Every now and then I get off my arse and take part in campaigns and actions to make the world a better place - stopping climate change, improving women's rights, hacktivism, saving the cute bunnies, and all that. Other times, I just can't be bothered.

I sometimes make websites for friends or groups I'm sympathetic to in Oxford (and sometime a bit further afield).

Things I like

Penguins. They schoosh through the water like a hot knife through butter vegan marge, do that cute belly sliding / waddling over glaciers thing, and all huddle together in the winter to prove there is such  thing as society. What's not to love?

Kittens. Who doesn't? If you've just answered "me", then you're wrong in more ways that I can explain here.

Things I don't like

Mushrooms. I've been a veggie for more years than I care to remember, and a vegan for almost as long. Why, dear god why, does everybody assume I like mushrooms. I eat veggies, I don't eat animals. Mushrooms are neither. They are foul slimy fungi. Death to them all.

Aubergine. Refer to mushroom above. OK, I will accept that technically aubergine are veggies, but secretly they wanna be slimy mushrooms. I accept their self-identification with their fungal brethren, and treat them with equal disdain.

About this site

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