Using the link shortener in Drupal

You should use the shortener - it has a kittens feature!

My collaborator, Charlie, wrote a link shortener at

It has many cool features, not least:

  • Unlike most others, it doesn't log personal information.
  • It generates QR codes.
  • If you put /kitteh after the shortened link, it redirects via a kitten picture!

So I persuaded him to write an API. This means that when I create a new blog post, I can automagically send out a tweet with the shortened URL. If you want to use the shortener from a Drupal 7 web site, here's how ...

  1. Install and configure the Twitter module.
  2. Download the Shorten URLs module.
  3. Activate the module, and the custom services sub-module.
  4. Go to the module configuration page (admin > config > services > shorten).
  5. Add the following into the custom services tab ...
    API endpoint URL:
    Response type: Text
    Then save the settings.
  6. Go to the general config page, and change these settings ...
    Method: cURL
    Save the settings.