Beer review

I've noticed lots of people do food & drink reviews on their blogs. So I thought I'd get in on the act.

I have a friend who regularly reviews cider, and another who has a thing for vegan chocolate. I've also noticed, in these days of gastro-pubs and seemingly endless cookery programmes on telly, it's increasingly hard to buy normal food. Now, instead of going to the pub and getting a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, it's all Anglesey salt and balsamic vinegar. I, for one, think it's all gone to far. So here's my beer review ...

Name: Beer.
Colour: Reddish brown.
Taste: Malted barley with a bit of hops thrown in there.
Pros: Tastes nice & gets you tipsy.
Cons: None that I'm aware of.

So that's it - my beer review. I hope we've all learnt something.