Skydiving kitten forgets parachute

This isn't in as much bad taste as it may sound at first.

Kittens (like cats, to which they are closely related) can fall from great heights and safely land on their feet (due to their tails and the laws of conservation of angular momentum) and terminal velocity (their weight and the forces of gravity versus air resistance). Perhaps like you, I also doubted the science. But, as my recent trip to the Empire State Building proved, it actually works.


Having now actually read the Wikipedia article on the cat righting reflex I realise I have made two errors in the above paragraph.

  1. The tail has nothing to do with it - it's all about body posture and legs.
  2. Kittens are different to cats - kittens only start to developing the righting reflex at 3-4 weeks, and perfect it at 7 weeks. So the moral of this story is that if you're going to chuck kittens of tall buildings, use adolescent kittens.



Don't throw kittens off tall buildings. That would make you a bad person.