Fun with websites

I've recently been sorting out some of the sites and pages I've made over the years. Some of them are not too embarrising, so I thought I'd share.

The first site I ever made was Where's Meredy's Mug. Which, as you might imagine, has a bit of a story to it. In 2006 I was working at People & Planet - a rather excellent student campaigning organisation. So excellent that it's the closest thing I've had to family without all that midwife, hot water and towels malarky (and being a childless chap, that's about as much as I know, or what to know, about childbirth). Meredith C, a lovely person and a Canadian, had a bit of a substance issue - she did love her coffee from her strawberry mug. Each to their own I guess. One of the pesky student pranksters allegedly and, I'm sure, accidentally, hid said mug. Meredith was distraught, so the whole People & Planet staff team went into hunt the mug mode. My contribution was Where's Meredy's Mug. Mysteriously, despite Canada's capital city being named after them, Meredith never made her views on otters clear. And, yes, the site is crude (in so many ways), but I still like it. So there.

I've made a few stand alone web pages that I'm still sadly proud of. I can take very little credit for the first one - I didn't make the image.  But, when life and work just get too much, there's no better escape than staring at balls.

The second was when I learnt how to rip of other people's web sites. Remember when Teresa May said she wasn't making up that the Human Rights Act meant she couldn't deport people with kittens? My response. Teresa May's views on immigrants with otters remain a mystery to this day.

So, those are some of my favourite contributions to the wealth of human wisdom via the interwebs to date. I'll end by giving you a sneak preview of my newest site. It has very little functionality at the moment, and when it does I'll probably write a new post about it. But, for all of my follower (not a typo) out there, I present a social network for kittens. Well, not really for kittens - unlike otters, they're too stupid to use social networks - but with kittens. And yes, I do think this is likely to be the first step in bringing down Facebook. And no, I do not think there are already too many kitten websites. It is possible that there also need to be more otter-based sites, in which case I shall release the code when it's done. But enough, I bring you Kitten Klub.

To end, an otter ...